The fucking YARN FAIRY! (mac_arthur_park) wrote,
The fucking YARN FAIRY!

LJ Idol Week 2

Lessons usually come easy to me. I'm pretty smart, in my own way. Smart as a boy. Smarter, even. Most of the time. Until I got caught.

I'd be lying if I said that didn't please me. I'd be lying even more if I didn't say that my obnoxiously self-assured intelligence didn't irk my father.

I had the audacity to be born first and female. And not pale and sickly, withering and giving me my chance.

It was a simple question that came as the steel whispered against my throat. "Why?"

That tiny little dig, the little twist. Trickling warm.

I try not to laugh, imagining every subtle insult I could make. Imagining the knife I felt in my heart when I learned it was him, not me, who would inherit everything.


"It was him or me. And he was littler."
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