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Spoiler-free post. And stuff.

Oh, that was good.  I don't want to kill J. J. Abrams (much).  Now, it DID get a bit tiresome having to explain to my cohorts why the nods to the previous movies made it EXTRA AWESOME.

I guess I'm just that nerd girl.  ;)

It's funny, because they guys have me on any sort of music minutae.  They amount of time having albums and their significance broken down for me is...epic.  They got paid back in full with interest Saturday night.

As a bonus, because the guys are both senior citizens now, we got the cheap tickets.  Pete joked that I should qualify for the student prices, and I think that poor, befuddled clerk might have given me the discount.  Poor guy.  You've got Pete in half Santa regalia, Kent in a Motley Crue shirt, leather jacket, and sparkly earring...and yours truly, who was much less fabulous.  He didn't quite know what to make of us.  Regardless, we spent less on tickets than we did on popcorn and the booze we smuggled in.

What?  They're helping me make up for the misspent youth I didn't have.

In other news, the numbers are in and it is official:  the Bristol Vixens made it to the fantasy football Superbowl again this year!  Oh, there are some seriously unhappy boys in Midgard.  The Girl (tm) is going up against one of their golden haired boys.  This is gonna be FUN.  The dangerous thing is that I really don't care if I win.  I've made my buy-in back, I'm getting some cash that I'll sock away for the DC trip.  I'd LIKE another shirt, but I'm okay either way.

Which makes me a dangerous competitor.  *cue Malificent laugh*

Today is going to be busy (which is why my ass is still parked in front of the computer).  Kent's decided he's going to convince me ham isn't vile (apparently, there are ways to prepare ham that don't involve Dr. Pepper, cloves, dried fruit, and orange juice concentrate.  And it doesn't come in a can. Who knew?), so I have to go grocery shopping.  I haven't figured out what to do veggie-wise yet.  Don't know exactly WHEN we'll eat "Christmas dinner," due to his work schedule, but we'll get around to it evenually.  And then tonight is my very first basketball game where I wasn't dating one of the cheerleaders.  I have to find appropriate shirts and meet him at work so we can have food before taking the bus to the game.

So...I'll be taking Chapel Hill Transit wearing a vintage Tarheel sweatshirt to go eat at UNC Hospital before I go see a basketball game.  Do I get some sort of weird prize for that?

Off to be productive.


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Dec. 22nd, 2015 12:28 am (UTC)
i like ham cooked with just a little honey or brown sugar. dr pepper is for pulled pork, not ham *shudders*. and cloves, blech.
Dec. 28th, 2015 07:30 pm (UTC)
Cloves are disgusting. My great-grandma Kraysk used to use it for toothaches, so I always associate it with that.

The funny thing is that my sister was the one who had chronic toothaches...and she went on to smoke clove cigarettes. What is WRONG with that child?

And, yes, by "child" I mean 41 year old woman. ;P
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