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Back to reality

I had a wonderful four days with the spousebeast.

Now it's back to laundry and dishes.  Bleh.  That's usually my Monday stuff, so I am convinced it's Monday.  I barely caught myself in time to keep from waking Kent up at 5:30 (his usual Monday time).  Thank the gods Survivor is starting today, so I *know* it's Wednesday.

I swear, I am getting so deep into the stay at home wife routine, I am thisclose to embroidering dish towels with the days of the week chores.  O course, I'd have to tweak them a little:  "Go Pick up Comics," "Grudgingly Call His Mom,"  "Buy Chardonnay."

The Valentine's/Anniversary extravaganza was very low key.    We mostly stayed in.  He surprised me with REALLY good chocolate for Valentine's Day (despite the fact we'd exchanged gifts the week before).  Chocolove makes some great combinations, and I am sloooooowly nibbling my way through three bars.  I got all schmoopy that each package has a classic love poem printed on the inside...and, because he forgot his readers when he bought them, he didn't even notice.

It was cute to watch him try to bluff his way through it.  "Oh, yeah.  Well, you love poetry, so...."

You're totally lying.



Last night we had dinner at Elaine's on Franklin and oh...good...gods.  Hands down, the best meal I've ever had in a restaurant.  This is the stuff I've read about in magazines.  I went with the prix fixe menu and stunned the hell out of Kent by ordering the cheese plate instead of the salad as my appetizer.  Hey, I'm fairly confident I can make a reasonable facsimilie of a micro and wild green salad with grapefruit vinaigrette (and I may have to soon, because it sounds yummy).  However, I am trying to find cheeses that I like.  I make weird goals like that.

I think I learned that cheese isn't the problem, per se.  It seems I'm a fucking cheese snob.  I don't think I'm ever going to be a fan of blue cheese, but even that wasn't bad with the fruit and nut compote that was served on the side.  Interesting.  (I also now want to make my own crackers.  I looked up recipes online, and I have a feeling I may never buy crackers again)

The pan roasted salmon with arugula, asparagus, and lentils was divine, even if Kent teased me mercilessly about the lentils (this is what I get for forcing him to watch the Young Ones, I guess).  The grapefruit beurre blanc was odd (what IS it with these people and grapefruit?), but worked.  And dessert was tres leches ice cream with warm chocolate cake.  I guess I don't need to say anything but that.  *swoon thud*

AND we made it home in time for The Muppets, then fell into a food coma on the sofa.

Perfect day, I'd say.

I still can't believe it's been six years.  <3


Feb. 18th, 2016 07:36 am (UTC)
Sounds like a great day!

I like cheeses. They don't like me.


The fucking YARN FAIRY!

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