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Oh, wow!  Clyde Edgerton is coming to FRANK (a local art gallery) next week!  He's doing a show with John Rosenthal.

I am SO THERE.  With my battered copy of The Floatplane Notebooks

This really is a place where dreams come true.  I think of the people I've met over the years since I've been here, people I never in my wildest imagination thought I would have the gift of meeting.  And now I get an email from Sudie saying "Do you want to come early and help set up?  That way you'll get the good seats for the talk and first crack at the crudites.".

My life is weird.

There's going to be some unpleasentness this weekend.  Kent's mom has been calling...and calling...and calling.  I guess she forgot I have a job now.  She's been leaving long, rambling messages about Thanksgiving.  I told him he is going to have to tell her that we're not coming.  He has to work and, even if he didn't...we simply can't afford it.

I'm a horrible human being.  As much as I want to see Suzie and Shelby, the idea of NOT spending five days in DE with a cranky, Fox News addict who chain smokes and a woman who pesters me "what do you think your boys are doing today?  Do you think you should call them?  I would call them" and gets anxious that I'm not eating enough and "why are you doing THAT to a turkey?" seems like heaven.  I told Kent I'd come in on Turkey Day and volunteer in the dining room (because I need my heart carved out with a grapefruit spoon).  I may ask for that Friday off so we can have our own Thanksgiving.

I really wish he liked white meat.  A turkey breast makes more sense for two people than the ginormous turkey we end up with.

I played with the new sewing machine last night and It.  Is.  Amazing.  I did a couple of test pieces, and it can handle denim, duck cloth, and lighter fake leather.  I think I'm in love.

Okay....time to suit up.  I get to deal with Manager Tightpants and Goodtime Charlie today.  Which pretty much means I'm the de facto FoH manager.  Yay.


Oct. 2nd, 2016 08:38 pm (UTC)
I remember my Granma used to have the butcher at our local Piggly Wiggly cut turkeys in half, but he thought she was adorable and pretty much do anything she asked.

Yeah, she rocked the whole 4'10", big blue eyes, and baby girl voice thing.


The fucking YARN FAIRY!

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