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Survived Christmas on the Unit.  I'm curious to see how many heads end up rolling over this.  It was stated explicitly that, if you were scheduled to work and didn't come in, you would be terminated.

Let's see if it sticks.  Because we will be down several people.  Not to mention what needs to (SHOULD BE!) done to the med tech and two of her cronies who LEFT for an hour and a half to go get food from Waffle House.  On the clock,

Ever try to pass out meds with no med tech?  I'm sure, in theory, you could wing it...with tragic, potentially fatal results.  Not this girl, thankyouverymuch.  As is stands as of yesterday, I probably would be a safer bet, because N the med tech was going over the paperwork from Sunday and this woman fucked EVERYONE'S meds up.  People getting no meds, people getting too many meds, some people getting no meds at all....

We're lucky that the only consequences seem to be that a few people are loopy as fuck.  And that no one died on account of her slack ass stupidity.

A number of people have suggested I look in to training as a med tech.  I've demurred, because that's a huge amount of responsibility.  However, if they'll let a clown like that do the job, maybe I should reconsider.  J the med tech said yesterday "You're paranoid about rules and doing the job correctly.  You'd be perfect for this."

General fuckwittery aside, Christmas wasn't half bad.  Kent, as manager on duty (yes.  I am screwing around with management.  Somehow, I missed the fact that his position gives him THAT much authority), decided to let Francis spend most of the day out front with Dan the Man.  They were told they had to keep it in the common room and PG, and they did.  *I* got to be the killjoy who had to take her (and Lyda, whose husband is in AL, nd *she* never gets to see....something I didn't realize, either.  How is it that I have assisted in showering both of these people and not know they had a spouse living literally a couple of hundred yards and a key code door away?  I just...), but the look of happiness on their faces was...amazing.

Yeah, Kent is kind of a god around there right now.  Especially after yesterday.

Not sure *what* set the fire alarm off (although there is strong suspicion that Doc was smoking in his room again.  Which is *very* safe when you consider that his next door neighbor uses oxygen), but we were just getting settled for lunch when it went off, the door going out to the main building locked, and the loudspeaker (we have loudspeakers?  Who knew?) started announcing "Evacuate the building.  Follow fire emergency protocols.  Evacuate the building."

Kent knew we were short staffed (again) and came busting in to help get all of our people out.

He is now the Errol Flynn of the Stratford.  Mz. Stella told her daughters when they came in to visit how he "rushed in when it was so dangerous" and...yeah, y'all get the picture.  I'm now married to an action hero who also knows how to make the perfect soft boiled egg.

If one of these ladies manages to off me, y'all know why.

I was actually able to leave on time yesterday.  The entire 3 o'clock relief crew showed up at 2:55.  I'm fairly certain they would have all gotten lap dances had it not been for the flurry of grabbing bags and (totally unneccessary) coats and all of us sprinting down the hall, shouting the updates from the day while we scampered the heck out of there.

I came *booking* down the hill and actually managed to make Kent's bus.  Which gave me the opportunity to relieve him of the household debit card so I could do the grocery run....which means I don't have to do squat today!!!!!!  Okay, other than laundry and organizing the shelving to accomodate $wintergift cds and books, but none of that requires changing out of my pirate pj pants and the AMAZING shirt my SiL got me for CHristmas.

First of all, I would just like to say that I won the SiL lottery.  Robin and Suzie are amazing.  Robin showed up at work on Christmas with takeout from Jade Palace (she, hubby, and her dad did the traditional "go out for Asian food on Christmas" thing) and presents for me and Kent.  How sweet is that.

She got me a hardback copy of Lee Smith's 'The Last Girls,"' which I love and my copy got lost years ago.  AND a tshirt that reads: And you thought I was a nasty woman before?  Buckle up, buttercup!"

We're getting together after the first of the year (her birthday is Jan. 2 or, as she calls it, "the least partying day of the year"), so I now have to find something equally badass.  I already got her a pair of socks that say "Motherfucking girl power."  Now to just pick out the perfect book to go with it.

In other news, there is no news.  Thank goodness.  Happy Wednesday, y'all!


Dec. 30th, 2016 10:28 pm (UTC)
Wow... people just don't turn up?!

you sound like you are a regular machine :) glad it went as well as it did!


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