The fucking YARN FAIRY! (mac_arthur_park) wrote,
The fucking YARN FAIRY!

Oh, great

Kent got The Crud that has been going around Happy Acres (yes, I finally figured out what to call work.  No, I am not necessarily proud of it, but...oh, it fits.  Especially when you consider the fact that our head honcho wants to rename the memory care unit "The Meadows."  Put out to pasture much?  Yeesh).  He actually called out of work yesterday.  M has also come down with it (he had to go to emergency care last night), so the kitchen is basically fucked.

Which means I got the death glare from A when I went to pick up our checks and she was behind me.  Sorry, sweetheart.  I know YOU are used to not having extra hours forced on you and getting to leave on time or early, but I can't help that Kent has no business handling food right now.  And it's not my fault that I'm well enough to pick up the checks that, by rights, we should have gotten Friday.

Yeah, talk about your total dick moves by corporate.  We get paid on the 15th and the 30th.  Instead of getting paid Friday (the 13th), we got paid Monday.  As in MLK Day.  As in a fucking bank holiday.  What a bunch of sweethearts.

Thankfully, our business manager turned a blind eye and let me sign for Kent's, too.  She's very strict about the rules, but I think she felt bad that Kennt is sick and I was out running errands.  And she got to tease me about my ink choices, which I think she kind of loves.

 Yes, I WILL initial documents with a hot pink pen, if that's what I happen to have in my pocket.  And I just bought a 10 pack of multicolor Bic ballpoints with the specific plan of having them with me at work.  I'm not a huge fan of Bic ballpoints, so if someone steals one of these, I'm less likely to get all stabby.  I've already had one of my purple Pilot ultra fines go missing, and I'm not happy about it..

Yes, I have a bit of a pen fetish.

Anyway, I was able to put a nice chunk of change in the bank.  Holiday pay, FTW!  Looks like we'll have enough to fund our anniversary trip next month.

We never got a proper honeymoon, so we decided to go to Castle McColloch's Festival of Fire and Frolic.  It's just an overnight trip, but it promises to be...interesting.  Still have to figure out what to wear.  The guidelines seem to be as little as possible and nothing flammable.  At least I've got a little over a month to figure something out.

Just realized today is mother's birthday.  Shit.  That means I have to call her and, damnit, I just talked to her on Monday!  Yes, things have gotten that bad again.  I'm not even going into it, but I have a feeling there may be an epic mother issue post later today.

I'll do it after I go on the grocery run.  Buying groceries puts me in my happy place (no, really) and I'll just pick up a big ol' bottle of cheap Chardonnay.  Levels the playing field a bit.

Yes, dealing with mother requires alcohol.  Especially these days, and DEFINITELY when she's got a milestone birthday.  And this is the big 65.  She doesn't handle birthdays divisible by 5 very well (one of my earliest memories is of the meltdown she had when she turned 25).  My sincerest hope is that she has a couple of box o' wine lined up, Steph and Jimmy leave their respective drama at the door for the day, she gets to binge watch HGTV, and doesn't have to cook.

She actually loves to cook, but her RA has made knifework impossible.  And going out to a "fancy" restaurant was always a birthday thing in my family.  Maybe I should lean on Steph to "gently suggest" that Jimmy takes mom to Olive Garden this afternoon.

Okay, back to bed with me.  Insomnia, begone!
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