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That. Was. Amazing.

The spousebeast and I went to see the matinee performance of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' today.  It was our early anniversary present to us.  Hard to believe it is going to be SEVEN YEARS on the 16th.  Harder still to believe this was mostly his idea.

When we first met, he'd never seen a play live, let alone a Broadway musical.  I dragged him to see the tour of 'Rent' with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp...largely because my gay boyfriends SUCK, and none of them would take me up on the extra ticket (I have never heard a bigger bunch of whining that "it's just not relevant anymore"  IN MY LIFE.  Yeah, still pissed at Kinsey and Cameron over that).  So I cried about going alone and Kent grudgingly went and was surprised by the experience.  Then we went to see 'Wicked'  and his whole attitude has changed.

(Although not so much that when I noticed that the farewell tour of 'Mama Mia!' is playing on Liam's birthday/right before Mother's Day that it kept him from saying "Hope you work enough hours to get yourself a ticket.")

I was lucky enough to see the film when it make its NC debut at the NCGLFF.  I went with Kinsey and the bois from Casa del Fag (this was pre-Kent), and...it was not what we had expected.  Rolling Stone reviews had led us to believe that it was the next 'Rocky Horror Picture Show,' so we were expecting a lighthearted, campy romp.

Er, no.

Kinsey and I were volunteers and were planning on going to the big after party.  Instead, we just sat in our seats until the theatre cleared out, looked at each other in a sort of shell shocked way, and said "Let's go home."  We decided that donuts and wine were a better way to process things.

The film and the show are two totally different experiences (I can hear the "well, duh!" from here).  There is no intermission.  It is more or less a one person show the majority of the time.  It is...immersive.  It was fucking amazing.

The funny thing is that we were CLEARLY in an audience that was comprised largely of season ticket holders who had NO idea what they were in for.  We're talking they came straight from church and brunch and said "Well, we have the tickets; might as well."

(And a smattering of queers who came for the cheap seats so they could see Lady Gaga at halftime.  Uh....kinda like us)

Kent loved it.  I am so pleased.

What a wonderful, wonderful day.  We also had garlic fries and pulled pork nachos at Tylers and mixed drinks at the show courtesy of my stealth minibar skills (protip:  no one searches your purse too thoroughly if you have a collection of tampons, tissues, a bottle of ibuprofen, and a couple of lip glosses on the top.  No one is willing to dig around in that for 6 mini bottles of Stoli).

And now we're watching the Superbowl, waiting for Lady Gaga.  i don't know if we are incredibly well rounded or incredibly fucked up.


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Feb. 6th, 2017 01:53 am (UTC)
I definitely vote for well rounded! :D Your whole day sounds like a blast!
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