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Okay, that's a new one

My brilliant coworkers decided TODAY that the residents needed their hair done for Mothers Day.  We'll ignore the timing on this one (you decided at ELEVEN on the Saturday before!?!?!?).  We'll ignore that what we *should* have done in this case is lean on some local cosmetology schools to donate their skills (if I'd thought of it, I know a number of teachers at Aveda).  We have a salon space, and some of my coworkers double dip by doing the residents' hair while on the clock (a whole 'nother, irksome post).

So I come back from break, am handed a pair of scissors, and asked "So, how you with white people hair?"


First, this is nowhere in my job description.  Second, I am not taking scissors to my own hair, let alone someone's granny's.  And have you noticed I rock the punk rock Laura Ingalls Wilder look?  Can you imagine someone's loved one asking, in a tone of forced cheerfulness, "So, Nana, who cut your hair?  It's...different" and having them point at me?

No.  Just...no.

[Actually, the response to the purple has been overwhelmingly popular with the residents, AND a number of their family members.  I think the fact that, regardless of the color, the fact I keep it tightly contained earns me brownie points.  And a couple of the younger loved ones have mentioned that they get a kick when I wear scrubs that match my hair.]

Just gotta make it through tomorrow.  I still have that stupid meeting, but I don't have to be there until 1pm.  I think I'll come home tomorrow afternoon and take a nap so I can be up when the spousebeast comes home.  I missed seeing him today by mere minutes (he's working another split shift.  Talk about a way to ruin your whole day) because they rerouted my bus due to all of the UNC graduation stuff.  Grrr.

I'm off with no mandatory ANYTHING Wednesday.  If Kent's working, I shall be taking my recently-paid, stressed out ass to Carrboro for some thrifting and flirting with Cute Counter Boy(tm) at Krave.

Actually, I listen to his dating woes (kind of a reverse bartender thing), but he's eye candy, occasionally shows up to work in a Hogwarts uniform, changes the music to suit me...and, like so many of my crushes over the years, is very, very gay.  I dispense advice, and he's taken to referring to me as Mother Monster.  What's not to love?

Yeah, me and the ol' notebook need a Carrboro date.  Soon.

Besides, I still need a belated Mother's Day/early birthday present from me to me.  There are still copies of the print Jenny Lawson made for Independent Bookstore Day up at Flyleaf, but we are SERIOUSLY running out of wall space.

Clearly, it is time for a bigger apartment.  One with higher ceilings.  ;)


May. 14th, 2017 06:24 pm (UTC)
No way would I be comfortable cutting other people's hair! That just sounds like a disaster....


The fucking YARN FAIRY!

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