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Now, I fully admit that it is BULLSHIT to not have a schedule up when the former schedule only went through Saturday, we were told that our four week schedule assigned to us by our New Evil Corporate Overlords (tm) was the template to follow.

Yeah, guess who was the only one who remembered that yesterday?  *sigh*  And I *could* have played willfully clueless like everyone else (and I had the bonus of a snuggly spousebeast who had the day off), but....yeah.

To quote Former Big Boss:  "You're just so....NICE."

I *did* make a point of making sure everyone knew that, until further notice (read: y'all POST A FUCKING SCHEDULE), I'll be following the one I was given.  Which means, thankfully, I am off tomorrow (er, today).  I was not looking forward to having to pay for a cab just for the privilege of working at Happy Acres, time and a half or no.  Still means I'd be working the first two hours to offset cab fare.

Came home and decided to take a nap.  Er, five and a half hours later...

I'm trying to give in and let my body rest when it needs it.  It's hard to break a lifelong tape loop that naps are for babies, and grownups don't need sleep.  And if you do, you are lazy/weak.

No exciting plans for tomorrow.  Er, today.  With no buses and the extreme heat, it seems a good day to stay inside.  Hell, I made the beer run at NINE THIS MORNING to avoid the heat of the day (and felt like a total alcoholic.  At least this is one of those holidays where day drinking is pretty much a given) and *still* came home dripping with sweat.  Ick.

Kent works 5-close tonight (speaking of ick), so I'm planning a late lunch/early supper for us.  He actually requested a steak salad.

Ya know, between this and his sudden drive to organize the closet (not to mention his current obsessions with Lady Gaga and True Blood,  I'm rubbing off on him!) I'm starting to wonder if *he* isn't the one with a history of head injuries.  When we first moved in together, he would have NEVER asked for a salad, no matter how hot it is outside (whereas I live on them in the summer).

If he starts eating yogurt and granola, I'm gonna get worried.  ;)

Happy 4th to those who celebrate it!  Otherwise, happy Tuesday!


Jul. 7th, 2017 04:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, yes. We have humidity from hell. I love North Carolina, but summers are AWFUL.


The fucking YARN FAIRY!

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