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Who declared it Monday early?

The sweet potato I was baking for breakfast exploded all over the oven (thankfully, there was enough that was salvagable.  And it was delicious).  While I was cleaning up the mess (and managing to burn myself in the process.  Just call me Grace), we had a surprise deluge...and I had laundry on the line.  Including an afghan and my down comforter.  I'm all for line dried sheets, but this is excessive.  Feh.

I was stunningly productive yesterday.  The continuing house purge was successful:  three bags of clothes for the women's shelter, all of the worn out work shoes (mine and Kent's) to the trash, and a new neighbor snapped up the coffee cups I was getting ready to sit beside the dumpster (she's a newly minted UNC student in her first apartment.  I ended up culling a bunch of extras from the kitchen--how many steak knives, measuring cups, and sheet pans do two people need?--and she was positively giddy.  Yay!  She seems nice.  I invited her over for dinner sometime).  And I baked!  Go, me!

There was a thread elsenet about Hostess pies.  As luck would have it, I had apples, peaches, and pie crusts.  I made a big batch of hand pies.  Nom!  I'm glad I froze half, though, because Kent plowed through 4 of them while I was napping.  It must be nice to have the metabolism of a jackrabbit.

I have such fond memories of Hostess pies.  Granma used to pack them in grandpa's lunches.  When we had a "bakery thrift shop" (still the weirdest term ever, IMHO) she used to get the slightly out of date ones in flats.  I always got the lemon ones.  When we had an abundance, grandpa would mash them up over ice cream and pour milk over the whole mess.

The man had strange eating habits, but never apologized.  I miss being able to hang out with him and eat weird, random shit with no judgement.  Okay, he'd occasionally look over at me while we were watching tv late at night and ask "Kitten, how can you eat that?"

Then I'd bring it to his attention that someone who is crumbling up Cheetos in a cup of chicken flavored Ooodles of Noodles has no room to talk.

I definitely think I'll be trying other combos  Since I've started back volunteering at St. Joe's, I'm about to be up to my ears in fruits and veggies.  I'm also considering some savory ones for quick dinners for me when Kent closes.  He's decided that he's going to pick up shifts at Noodles even after school starts, so I'm still facing dinners alone.  I'm trying to get away from just eating cold cereal or toast or nothing at all when he's not home.

Okay, off to try to organize the cookbooks.  Wish me luck.


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Aug. 13th, 2017 09:43 pm (UTC)

Mmmmm pies. Hostess pies! We used to get those too and lemon was my favorite. I loved the little ends. Lick out the lemon filling and eat the crust last, that's what I'd do. And those little nubs at the end were the best! Good memories!

Aug. 13th, 2017 11:18 pm (UTC)
We used to have one of those bakery thrift stores around here too! My grandma used to take us to go buy bread to feed the ducks and we were allowed to treats for us too. I was sad when I found out that it closed. Feeding the ducks at the park with my grandma was something that we did all the time.
Aug. 14th, 2017 11:52 am (UTC)
Ick on the explosion and wet rescue , but it sounds like you made up for it on other fronts.

TBG had one of those shops at the end of his street when he lived at home and his father always shopped there. I haven't seen one around in years.

Your grandpa, my father. Weirdest eating habits ever...
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