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72 hour pass!

Okay, so I'm off for three days and may have been watching a bit too much MASH lately.  Sucks for the bank account; good for the soul.

I did talk to Marianne and she says I'll be getting more hours on the next schedule.  We'll see. For right now, I'll take this as a mini vacay.  A chance to regroup, recharge, and put out some more applications (there's a tea shop opening on Franklin St!  Please, please, please, Universe.  That would be a perfect 2nd job...because I am starting to doubt that I will ever leave Happy Acres completely)..  Get in some volunteering at St. Joe's food mission (now that I've gotten back to it, I'm SO HAPPY).   Figure out what needs to be refigured in the way we grocery shop and cook now that the spousebeast and i are going to be able to eat supper together 5 nights a week, just like the "normal folk" do!

Like we've never been able to do in the entire time we've lived together.  This is the first time we have schedules in sync that translate to coming home and having a meal together, rather than one or both of us eating at work or alone.  It's strange.

I told him flat out that, on the days we both work, there are going to A LOT of crockpot meals, which is especially good for me because that also means lunches (none of my co-irkers ever ask if I want them to pick up something for me when they send someone out to get food for the group, and I never have the money, anyway).

He's not my ex, and I KNOW that, but I am always surprised when he's enthusiatic about food that the ex (very vocally) hated.  He went diving for the bookcase that holds our "show-offy" cookbooks (a strange blend of the celebrity chef ones, vintage, ones that are flat out bizarre, and some obscure ones that make us look good and all chef-y, even though THOSE are primarily for reference and general hilarity).  He came up with a 70s crockpot cookbook that had slips of paper stuck in it.  "Ummm...any chance you might try a couple of these if you get bored?"

He's a crockpot co-conspirator.  I love it!  Also, he freely admits that the crockpot is my turf, and won't go near it.  Kind of like all baking equiptment is mine, although I think I can partly thank his first wife the pastry chef for that (and the madeline pan we have with a dent in it from when she threw it at him).

[I should add that we get along famously with Aly and her family.  And, while I don't condone violence, having heard the story from both sides, I probably would have flung something at him, too.  He freely admits he did some fucked up shit in his first marriage.  I did in mine, too.  Now, why I haven't spoken to my ex in seven years and communicate solely with his current wife and we go to Thanksgiving and retirement parties and wedding anniversary parties for the Js....well, I guess that says it all about relative maturity of various parties, huh?]

I like that there are certain things that are "mine" in our kitchen, Kent's been in food service in one way or another for almost as long as I've been alive (seriously.  His dad had him washing dishes in one of his restaurants at 14) .  He's worked literally every back of the house position, all the way up to head chef.  His knife skills are scary.  It can be a little intimidating.

[It's like I married a low rent Anthony Bourdain, complete with the sketchy past.  But without the book contract or television shows. Or, thankfully, the cigarette smoking.  And all of the semi-reformed bad boy charm.   But I digress...]

However, I am a damn good cook.  A basic cook, but a damn good one.  I love to feed the people I love...and even, sometimes, ones I am not particularly fond of.  When we first moved in together, I was actually a little nervous about making meals for us, because Kent always did the cooking when I visited (aside from the amazing brussels sprouts we made together and still do to this day).  So...here's this guy who has made me my very own ice cream when we were first dating (he was working  at a place called The Inside Scoop, and their stuff was amazing.  He convinced his boss to let him use of the sweet cream base and mixed in some of my favorite things) and whipped up matzo ball soup seemingly out of thin air when I got a sore throat on another visit (imagine my chagrin when I had to tell him I really don't like matzo ball soup)...and I'm supposed to cook for him?  I grew up cooking to an enthusiastic audience but, let's face it, my grandpa would've eaten dirt on cardboard if you put gravy on it.

I remember the first meal I made in our first apartment.  Due to the circumstances, we were broke from the deposit, I didn't have a job yet, and our food budget was...sketchy at best.  We ate a lot of meals at his work (when the Tom Colicchio looking fothermucker he worked for wasn't there) but, damnit, I was living with the man I love and wanted to make him food!

Okay, and I was also getting sick of black bean and sweet potato burritos.

I *finally* got a job three doors down from where he worked and less than a minute walk from our apartment (for those keeping up, this would be my job at Foster's Market, now called The Root Cellar).  I swung by Flying Burrito with the good news and told him I was making supper and not to eat anything at work.

(This is a common theme in our house:  "I'm bringong home/making/buying food!  DON'T EAT AT WORK!")

I was also feeling lonely and a bit displaced (again, circumstances) and wanted comfort food.  I rummaged around and found the ingredients for one of my favorite childhood "special" meals:  beefy rice!  Which is, essentially, beef Rice-a-Roni and hamburger.  And we had canned French cut green beans!  I ran up to my new place of employment, sweet talked one of the kitchen guys into letting me take some of the less than pristine salad greens as an early employee meal (said guy is now known as Lance in my world.  He told me once "You could have asked for the entire kitchen at that moment, and I would have helped you carry it down the hill."  <3 ).

Kent.  Was.  Thrilled.  The seasoned green beans were a "fancy" thing when he was growing up, too.  We had a real conversation about growing up broke, with single mothers, and THIS  is the kind of thing that makes him happy after a long day busting his ass in the kitchen.

No matter how broke we get, we always have Rice-a-Roni and seasoned French cut green beans in the pantry.

I EXCEL at single mom food.  I can do fancy, but this is my wheelhouse.

Anywhere, way was I?

I'm babbling, and it is now Thursday (need to lay off that lavender Earl Grey iced tea).  I should probably get some sleep. Also,  I have a mandatory staff meeting to go to before I get my check, and I need to find an appropriately snarky tshirt to wear to broadcast my displeasure that these pointless exercises always take place ON MY DAY OFF.

Do y'all think the grey one that simply reads "Bored" would be too much?


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Sep. 1st, 2017 12:38 am (UTC)
No. The grey one will do nicely.

I have a curry hamburger rice dish I make. Throw in some vegetables and you have a reasonably healthy dish...

It makes a ton, and you can just shovel it in.
Sep. 1st, 2017 02:46 am (UTC)
looking forward to hearing about your crockpot adventures.
Sep. 1st, 2017 09:08 am (UTC)
Enjoy your time off. I am back to work at Voter Registration this coming week, but the nap time is nice,
Sep. 1st, 2017 09:43 pm (UTC)
You can come cook for me anytime. :)

Also, how is that earl grey? It sounds delish!
Sep. 2nd, 2017 04:23 pm (UTC)
I hope you get paid for that meeting. What a PITA.
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