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Dec. 21st, 2017

Blessed Solstice, y'all!  And happy day off to me!

For those who asked, Work Wife got sacked for mouthing off to the daughter of one of our residents.  I STILL think she was thrown under the bus (and the whole situation was a clusterfuck all the way 'round.  Had I not volunteered to take out the trash, there but for the grace of the gods...yadda yadda yadda).  In all fairness, she *is* loud and brash and can come off as abrasive.  That, coupled with an inability to suffer fools AT ALL...not always a good combo.

So this now leaves me to work with the co-irkers who are ALSO fools by myself, so I ain't happy.

But I have hope.  Best Ever Med Tech (tm) is coming back!  She came by the unit yesterday, and I damn near cried.  She has to jump through all the hoops again after leaving one day in a huff, but she and the spousebeast should be starting back at around the same time.

(I loved that the first thing she said when I told her was "YES!  Pancakes and bacon and cheesy eggs Saturdays WILL BE BACK IN DA HOUSE!"  Kent is revered for that, and it has not happened since he left)

If she can come back, and the spousebeast, and Fucking Late Richard (oh, ugh), and "I Honestly Didn't Mean To Get a DUI In the Company Van" K can come back, so can WW.

Speaking of spousebeast....boy, does he feel horrible right now.  He skipped the holiday party at the school (he's not a Christmas guy.  Hell, I'm skipping ours tomorrow, too.  I figured I'd rather spend the money for Secret Santa and my potluck contribution on me, rather than people I don't particularly like.  It's my other day off before three days of enforced holiday cheer at work, so Kent and I are going to go see The Last Jedi and pick up last minute essentials for Friendsmas supper).

Apparently, the school system does awards at this shindig.  He got the "Moving On Up" award for best new hire.  FOR THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.

The plaque has a pair of running shoes on it.

He got it yesterday.  When he put in his two weeks notice.  His boss (who, ironically, is the sister of one of the med techs I work with three days a week) said he had to hang it near his work station yesterday and today "so you can feel bad about leaving me."  *snerk*

To make matters worse, she's insisting he take the staff Christmas basket back home.  Basically, all of the teachers and support staff (even the volunteers who take care of the chickens, goats, and bunnies) get a turkey, a ton of non-perishables, and a $20 supermarket gift card.  He tried to do the "oh, no...it's not right.  I can't" thing.

I got a phone call.  "Hey, sweetie.  J has a ladle aimed at my head right now.  Could you clear out some space in the fridge and pantry?  She's gonna hurt me if I don't bring this turkey home."

I like her.  :)  We chatted a bit after the hostage got off the phone.  She's cool.

If the pay didn't suck and the hours were better, I'd offer myself as tribute in his place.  ;)

I'd planned on going out today.  As time wears on, I am getting less and less inclined.  I just want to hunker down and stay home for the Longest Night.  Go figure.


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Dec. 22nd, 2017 09:52 am (UTC)
That sucks about your work wife. Do you have any contact information for her so you could hang out?
Dec. 26th, 2017 03:15 am (UTC)

Same to you!

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