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Is this what relaxed feels like?

Because I kinda forgot.

We have a new executive director, and she's a bit scary.  Or so I'd heard, because I had to be doing my job during the meet and greet (yeah.  The Cinderella of Memory Care.  Someone has to stay with the residents when everyone else bolts for free food and the chance to suck up).  I've been told that she fired everyone at the last facility she was at because a couple of people pissed her off.  We had a spectacular clusterfuck of a Saturday (why is it that the weekends I don't work, they have 3-4 people on the schedule, and the weekends I work, it's just me and one other person?  This weekend, it was a newbie, and several things didn't get done due to miscommunication).  I'd had a nasty exchange of Words with Second Shift Shirley on Sunday (say that five times fast) where she started talking to me like I was a ferret with a concussion about what hadn't gotten done the day before.  She intimidates the shit out of me when I am on her bad side.  She's mercurial, to say the least.  When I am on her good side, I can do no wrong and she will stab anyone who comes for me.

I spent most of Monday terrified of losing my job.  Or getting called into the office.  Or, let's be honest, any confrontation of any kind.

Made it through my break without getting called into an office.  Spent an hour in the D bus shelter, listening to my Lyra and scribbling in my journal.  Waved to the dude who drives the 10:39 D and doesn't stop if he sees just me.  Since my break is generally from 10:00-11, it's a good way to estimate how much time/how many songs I have left before I have to clock back in.  Served lunch with the help of Miz Stella's son

[Okay.  Interrupting to talk about Miz Stella and her son Charles.  His siblings come about every three weeks, criticize how we dress their mother, take family photos for their church newsletter, and leave.  Charles takes 3 buses to come see his mama every other day.  Not only that, he helps.  He'll start setting up napkins and utensils while I'm pouring drinks for lunch.  He is a flirt, and gets some of the women who won't eat to at least take a couple of bites for him.  He is not only devoted to is mother, but to the MC family. He brings the fun in.  I think we should have him on the payroll.]

I ended up having to stay late (long story.  But a certain co-irker will PAY if she pulls that shit again).  Suddenly, I am the star in Happy Arces' crown because I stayed when they didn't schedule coverage from 3-5.  Shirley loves me again.  And I reverted to that same shit I did when I was a kid and my sister was in trouble and I wasn't:  I became super duper goody goody Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (the braids help).  Uber helpful, upbeat, just a beacon of positivity.

You would have never known that my internal monologue consisted largely of screaming, inarticulate rage, and curse words. And some REALLY creative names for my co-irker and management who clearly does not know how to write a proper schedule.  Being a Gemini and having an innate ability to compartmentalize has some advantages. ;)

But...I made it through, have a few days off, and have finally let go of the breath I've been holding since late Sunday.  Being actually relaxed feels...odd. Hell, I was positively giddy yesterday...and all I did was go grocery shopping.  The weather was glorious.  I even took time to swing by the Goodwill and found a couple of books and a promotional glass for Kraken rum that goes well with Kent's Tiki glass collection (I also bought him a mini bottle of the rum, totally forgetting that he hates spiced rum almost as much as he hates anything coconut.  Ah, well.  The bottle is cute and guess who gets the rum?) I need to go back Friday when I make my weekend grocery run for Signature Cocktail Saturday (aka ply your CPA SiL with booze and food until she agrees to do your taxes for free.  I have a SiL who is a CPA and a yoga instructor.  I am a lucky girl.  Of course, HER take on it is that SHE has a SiL who crochets blankets for for the rescue doggies where she and her BFF volunteer and makes her bunches of homemade granola.  I guess we're both lucky).  I have a feeling that the black cut glass candy dish I passed up is going to haunt me forever unless I make it mine.

I almost went today, but I am lazy and have to take Kent for his TB test later today.

Okay, that is a total lie.  He can do a TB test on his own (it's for work, BTW.  He's not sick).  But he HATES needles, so he's bribing me with an early dinner at Elmo's if I keep him from freaking out in the waiting room.  I'd do it anyway, but if I get peanut butter pancakes out of it....


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Jan. 25th, 2018 12:24 am (UTC)

Kraken rum is good. I actually prefer it over Captain Morgan's, and it was all because I thought the jug bottle was cute. :)

Bribery is excellent, especially when they don't realize you'd do it anyway because you love them, lol.

Jan. 25th, 2018 09:43 am (UTC)
Ack!! The fear of losing one's job is so nerve wracking...

Charles sounds like a treat.
Jan. 25th, 2018 11:38 am (UTC)
I hate that type of job atmosphere but hang in there!

Sounds like nice purchases at good will.
Jan. 26th, 2018 05:30 pm (UTC)
Miz Stella's non-Charles children suck.
Jan. 30th, 2018 11:42 am (UTC)
Wtf, no one should have to fear for their job that way. Such unnecessary anxiety---

I hope the peanut butter pancakes were as amazing as they sound (PEANUT BUTTER PANCAKES????!!!!)
Jan. 31st, 2018 01:59 am (UTC)
That sounds terrible. I am sorry that you have to deal with that kind of atmosphere at work.
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