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Good gods, they actually did it

May1-6....OFF!  Four paid vacation days (which still leaves me one) and my usual weekend off.

I was prepared to go off like a witchy Roman candle if I didn't at least get Beltane off, but I got the full monty.  *squee*!!!!

Working the next five days in a row (I already have two down) is almost tolerable.  I never thought working with M would be something I could tolerate, much less enjoy.  Oh, she still comes late and takes faaaar too long lunch breaks and frequently does changes with one hand while she texts with the other, but her work ethic *is* impressive when she works.

Yeah, I have ceased setting a bar for my co-irkers.  I'm just happy if they can skip over the half deflated garden hose.  But these short staffed trenches with corporate and state and everyone else tromping around have made us friends in foxholes.

M has been enjoying the movies I've been bringing in for the residents and somehow we got on the topic of Jessee L Martin (Law & Order is a big fave with some of the residents).  Turns out we are both HUGE Rent fans.  I brought it in today.  Most of the residents nodded off (it WAS after lunch), but one of the guys was transfixed.  He's a bit on the scary side (young dude, only wears grey sweatsuits, and calls me "Mommy"  when I feed him his meds or change him. Speaking of future L&O episodes....) but the film moved him.  He sat next to me at one point and whispered "You know that tent city they're talking about?  I lived there when I ran away."

One check of his chart and...yep.  I also learned a lot of other things I wish I hadn't.

Back up, Al.  This was supposed to be a positive post.

So, M and I have found common ground in musicals and drag queens (she wants the Friday double feature to be "To Wong Foo..."  and "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."  Both of which I own.  I was going to sell my dvd collcetion off on craigslist, but I'm starting to wonder if I should donate them when I leave.  If I could trust that they would get used and not be thrown out during one of Hitler in Heels' housecleaning purges....).  I even brought her a gift from my thrifting excursion last weekend.

I thought about it long and hard.  I worried about the appropriateness of it.  I worried about the race element, and would that be offensive?

M is the one who twerks to gospel music for the residents.  No judgement...I'm just glad we don't work on Sundays together any more.

I found a coffee cup at PTA Thrift that reads "Coffee makes me twerk."  I presented it to her with the preamble "If this is offensive, I'm sorry aand..."

*tacklehug*  "Bitch!  You GOT me!"  And then she proceeded to send it all over her social media.

I'm so happy.  It said it needed to go to her, but I was afraid it would be read as racist.

Apparently, it just says we need to make more coffee. Because nothing says fun like a bunch of memory care residents n the coffee.

She suggested that someone needs to make one for me that says "Don't let that maidenly blush fool you."
Which she said in front of cute PT dude with the interesting accent  He asked me to pull residents' charts and asked me about my weekend.

I told him about the concert and my day in Carrboro and Meg Wolitzer (that will be a whole different entry) and YAY I am about to have time to sleep and write and paint and look for a new fucking job.

Dear readers, he flirted.  And I flirted back.

I had to let him out while he was making his notes.

He stopped and said, "I hope I'm not making assumptions, but that blush isn't exactly maidenly.  It is interesting, though."


Sexually, I am poly in theory and monogamous and a half right now.  Flirting, though?  *ahem*  We're less than a week from Beltane. Y'all do the math.

Did I mention he likes Rush and also used to play field hckey?

Um...yeah.  I shuld probably go over here.


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Apr. 26th, 2018 01:18 pm (UTC)

I enjoyed reading this entry!

Do you have specific plans to celebrate beltane?
Apr. 26th, 2018 01:44 pm (UTC)
This entry was fun. :D Thank you for reminding me that Beltane is right around the corner, holy shit. Last year's Beltane was really lovely--I remember sitting in the grass with a dandelion flower crown on and drinking gin & tonics. Very peaceful and pretty.
Apr. 28th, 2018 10:04 pm (UTC)

Yay for vacation days though! And paid ones at that!

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