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Here we go again...

I  signed up for LJ Idol.  AND I had to make an effing DW account to do it.  The things I do for my craft...


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Sep. 26th, 2018 03:46 am (UTC)
We should be friends over there.
I’m favoritebean.
Sep. 26th, 2018 08:09 am (UTC)
Sounds odd you had to do it that way.
Sep. 26th, 2018 09:16 am (UTC)
Yay! I look forward to reading your idol entries. I am busier than a one legged person at an ass kicking contest, but I do intend on doing NaNoWriMo though....
Sep. 26th, 2018 03:12 pm (UTC)
You can participate with your LJ. No DW account needed.
The instructions state:
"Go to your DW account (or compatible LJ/Open Source blog/etc) and post that you are signing up to play this season. Then post the link to that entry in the comments here!"

Basically you'd post the entries to your LJ and leave a comment on the topic posts also signing in to DW with your LJ login.
Sep. 27th, 2018 10:04 am (UTC)
I wish you well with LJ Idol. Also, since you got DW, I'm on there as the same alias as here.
Sep. 27th, 2018 11:04 pm (UTC)
Same name there as here. Add me?
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