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July 4th, 2018

there's always a silver lining

Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets has had two serious benefits:  1) I am culling the various gadgets that we haven't used in over a year (or at all) and am planning a MASSIVE push to sell them on one of the local yard sale groups and 2)  I found what may be the last two bottles of Flounder Juice on the planet!  Well, those two and the half of one in the fridge that I have been parcelling out like it's made out of gold and saffrom.

Neither of which is involved, nor is flounder.  Back when the spousebeast was head chef at Flying Burrito, they came up with this amazing hot sauce that involved habanero, sweet potatoes, and molasses, among other things.  The executive chef (who mostly spent his time sitting on a stool at the bar, drinking bourbon.  Or snorting coke and banging waitresses in dry storage.  And, no, we are NOT talking about Anthony Bourdain) wanted to try it out and made one of their flounder tacos.  In his addled state, he declared it Flounder Juice, and the name stuck.

This is some seriously good shit.  I like mixing it 50/50 with ketchup and eating it with shoestring oven fries.

I have a feeling a big ol' salad with a side of fries may be what's for supper now.  :)  I've declared a ban on cooking until we eat all of the leftovers in the fridge and make a dent in the three tons of stock in the freezer.  If it's so filled with stock that I can't find room for a pint of ice cream and a bottle of vodka, something's gotta give.


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