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September 8th, 2018

Sep. 8th, 2018

Okay, playing single girl has been fun.  Can I have the spousebeast back now?

I am such a wimp. (Also, I'm horny)  We're doing emails twice a day, so I know what shenanigans are going on.  He found the lizard I put in his swim shorts first thing and, unfortunately, yelled "Damnit, Alicia!"  Which meant everyone came to see what I'd done to him this year.

Achievement unlocked.  Even better, his roommate informed him that, while he is the former standup comic, I have his ass beat at prop comedy.


Yesterday was fabulous.  I braved  the obscenely hot weather and went to Carrboro.  Treated myself to a Cap'n Crunch donut at Rise (needless to say, I don't need any extra sugar in my life for the next week.  It was SO GOOD, but I also felt a little like the time that Grandpa let me have all the cotton candy I wanted at the county fair).  Had some serious thrifting wins (FINALLY found the terra cotta chicken roaster that I have missed from my childhood.  I can't wait to use it).  Got called into Krave by my favorite kava bartender for "product testing" and discovered that kratom doesn't taste like it has been strained through a dirty sweat sock if mixed with chocolate almond milk.  That led to a couple of hours listening to Cat Stevens and idly chatting with him and a UNC philosophy prof.  I had a magical encounter on the bus

Copying and pasting because I am lazy:

It's still ridiculously hot here, and the buses are like meat lockers, so I wear a fabulous sun hat and carry a cardigan. I was having a "me" day, which means thrifting, volunteering, and flirting with a guy who is young enough to be my kid over a cup of kava. On my way home, I had the aforementioned hat AND sweater on when I was on the bus.

Cue cute little kid. Mommy, she looks like grandma if grandma was a witch!

Cue mommy wanting to crawl under the seat.

I simply said "I'm not a grandma yet, but I am a witch. You're very perceptive."

Kid: I'm in the special classes at school. Some people think I'm stupid, but I have MAGIC in my brain! I know things other people don't.

Me: I believe that. Hey...between us...do you want this feather from my hat? I have too many. Maybe you could put it in your bookbag for when you need a little extra magic.

Kid: Cool! I'll use it when the kids get mean!

We got to the stop, and his mom grabbed my shoulder. She was weepy. He's been having a rough time at school She's scared that, when he gets older, he might harm himself due to bullying.

He's bouncing around, singing "I've got a magic feather!"

We exchanged info, and I suggested getting together to do crafts or something. She looked relieved. I think she needs a break.

They walked off. He was waving the feather. "Bye, new friend!"

Thankfully, I was standing in front of Weaver St. Market an could get a strong cider and go sit on the patio and cry a little bit

My new friend's name is Adam.  :)

I also did a volunteer shift at the St. Joe's food mission for the first time in forever.  It was so great to see everyone.  I need to quit letting inertia (and the weather) get the best of me.  I am not a church go-er, but there is something so...comforting?....about getting hugs and being called Sister Alicia.  Maybe I am missing community?

Since it was Friday, after everyone was served, the volunteers got to take the perishables.  Woo-hoo!  My grocery list for next week has been whittled down to coffee, sugar, and barley.  Last night, I got to have lemon pepper cod, roasted baby Yukon gold potatoes, and spinach salad.  Dined like a queen and it didn't cost me a dime.  <3

Today is household-y type things: laundry so no one goes to work naked this week, cleaning out the fridge, maaaaaaybe doing the floors, and changing the sheets on the bed.  After that, it's books, Food Network, and working on my shawl.  Maybe seeing Santa Pete at suppertime (he's shameless.  I mentioned tuna noodle casserole and he said "When?")

Happy Saturday, y'all!


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