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March 10th, 2019

I'm a model!

Please, no autographs.  I'm trying to stay humble.

We had a professional photographer in at work  to take pics of the food for social media sites.  If the pic makes the cut, it will be my first job as a hand model.

This is hilarious.  My hands are beat all to hell.  My nail polish was chipped (soooo happy that I decided on a whim to paint them Tar Heel blue in advance of the game, though).  But I was photographed (well, my lefy hand was) holding a glass of our cheap Chardonnay.  And, let's face it....that is totally me.

Even better, not only did we have to make EVERYTHING on the menu...we had scads of free food around for the taking.  I brought home supper for me and Kent, AND took a bunch down to my friends on the street.  I haven't gotten to do that since I worked at McAlister's.

And as an added bonus, one of the shots was of two carafes of wine.  Boss asked me if I drink wine.  I managed to not laugh outright.  The red went home to his wife (I KNEW I liked her for a reason!) and he said I could take the white, and just find a discreet way to carry it home on the bus.

The look on his face when I promptly dumped the iced tea out of my travel mug, rinsed it, poured the wine in it, and put the remaining in a to-go cup with a little ice for the bus ride home was PRICELESS.

Hey, I'm a food service professional.  No shame in my game.

Actually, wine has featured heavily in the last few days...and not just for the usual reasons (hic!).

We had a lady come in and she just looked....rough.  I could tell she'd been crying.  I walked her through our menu (we have a lot of good stuff, but if you're stressed past the breaking point, ordering a sandwich can be overwhelming.  BTDT).  She got the garlic chicken bacon club and asked how much our wine is.

I'll level with y'all.  I am a cheap bitch.  I REFUSE to pay $6US for a glass of wine ON TAP.  And the 4oz pour that Cokey McSnortface insists we do (I actually got written up for over pouring.  But it's okay to make multiple trips to your car during shift, come back agitated, AND HAVE YOUR DEALER IN AND COMP THEIR LUNCH!?!?!?  And eat food for free while we're expected to pay?  Whatever, dude.  That 8 top in for a birthday are getting six.  Fuck you) is just...an insult.  The lady said that the price was a bit high (did I mention our craft beers are only $4?  It's a crime against wine drinkers everywhere!) and just got the sandwich.

I'm sorry, but if you have just lost your best friend of 43 years to cancer, you deserve wine.  And flowers and candy and unicorns and fuzzy kitten snuggles...unfortunately, those aren't on the menu.

I could NOT let that stand.  I asked M to ring me up for 2 glasses (I ain't playing).  She gave me the employee discount, and i brought a SERIOUSLY heavy pour to the woman.  She tried to pay me, and I said it was on me...and we both cried a little.  When she left, she asked if she could give me a hug and said she'd left a little something for me on the table for my kindness.


Y'all, that is TWO WEEKS of groceries for us.  However, since I'd already done the grocery run...that's two tickets to see The Church next month.

The last time they were here, they SUCKED.  I don't know it if was the venue or because they were flogging the hell out of their newest album.  I actually ended up walking out (my sister and my friend J had better experiences in other towns, soooo...?).  This tour, they're playing Starfish in its entirety, so I'm willing to give them another chance.

Better not let me down, boys.

In other news, there's good news!  My great neice is out of the NICU and should be home by the end of the month!!!!!!  She'll actually be coming home before her due date.  I have a feeling she's going to be early for the rest of her life.  May her biggest hurdle be the fact that her mama named her after a character from Twilight.  And that her great uncle has decided to bless her with the nickname Re-Bob.

Okay, and I made her a "Team Jacob" onesie, but she'll outgrow that.  I have a bad feeling that Re-Bob is gonna stick.  Of course, I've been called George since the 3rd grade, and look how I turned out.

Or don't.  Actually, just don't.

They jacked up Kent's work schedule, so I have today allllll to myself.  I think I'll take my remaining tips and the bounty I got for having the ENTIRE UNC women's lacross team come in (I eat breakfast at Whole Paycheck most mornings, and I asked if they had a game, gave out some menus--yes, I carry them with me--and joked about how I heard that some boys were playing some sort of game, but I'd be rooting for them.  Thelunch  to-go order was HUGE.  But Boss gave me $5 for each member I brought in.  That is not chump change, my friends.  And we got a picture with the team, which we're going to get enlarged and they're going to come by and sign.) and treat myself to brunch at Lucha Tigre.  I may also have to stop by Flyleaf, because my to-read pile is currently under 6 feet and that always makes me feel uneasy.  ;)


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