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May 11th, 2019

prom pics annd work stuff

So, Grownup Prom happened.  Raise your hand if you're surprised that we ultimately decided to cook at home rather than go out to dinner?

Yeah.  We're predictable.  But NY strip steak was on sale at work, and with our discount, the steaks and my corsage came to under $10.

(I love the corsage and currently have it hanging up to dry.  But L in floral has never made one, and Kent has never bought one, so I got one that was roughly the size of a bridesmaid's bouquet.  I had to SEW it to the dress!  However, I was the only girl at Prom with a corsage, so *preen*)

We spent more time playing pinball than dancing, but I *did* get a slow dance to Madonna's "Crazy For You," which was the song playing during my first ever slow dance with a boy.  Thank you, Jess!  Who would have figured I'd be dancing with my husband to that song 34 years later?  A little weird, that.

They're still cutting hours at work, which means that everyone is understaffed and cranky AF.  I'm now expected to do a seven hour job in five.  Blergh.

BUT...bakery has been given clearance to hire a new part time person, so I threw my hat into the ring.  One of my fellow deli drones applied for the part time position in grocery (we did rock, paper, scissors to decide who would apply for what).  Might as well hire in house, right?  We come pre-indoctrinated.  ;)

I was off today, and found out that Big Big Boss gave each of the mothers on staff a long stemmed rose and a bar of chocolate.  I can't tell if that is sweet or Bachelor-level creepy.  I'm also torn between missing out on free chocolate and being glad that I missed the opportunity to start my annual Mothers Day meltdown.

Kent, bless him, bought me one of the fancy-schmancy chocolate bars (milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt.  I usually prefer dark, but this is SO GOOD!).  He didn't want me to feel left out.  <3

I'm glad I work tomorrow.  Several hours in a refrigerated room, making salads and sandwiches, is infinitely preferable to spending the day watching soft focus depictions of motherhood and hoping the phone will ring.  I already did the required parental calls because we're both working.  I was thrilled that Kent's mom got her card and the shawl I made in time.  She got the package at lunch today, so she was the coolest mom at her table.  <3  "It's like sunshine and a hug from you!  And it matches the blanket you made for me!"

I cried when I got off the phone.  I'm sure y'all are shocked.


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