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May 16th, 2019

My brain hurts

I ran into one of my former coworkers at HRG on the bus.

Wow.  Just...wow.

My work boyfriend (the only other thing holding that place together, IMHO) left.  Big Boss' other venture (ya know, the one he wanted to focus more energy on, so he hired the dipshit who ultimately fired me due to my looks, age, and wonky teeth) recently folded.  He's hired a revolving cast of people who only stay long enough to rob him blind.

And Dipshit left.  To take a job at Happy Acres.  Kent's old job, to be precise.

I swear, I can't make this shit up.

I can't even work up a good head of schaudenfreude on this one.  I just feel sad.  I wonder if Big Boss is regretting that he felt the need to have a man at the helm instead of making me GM.

Ah, well.  Water under the bridge.  But part of me wants to go up and give Big Boss a hug.

And go up to Happy Acres and just...lurk.  Possibly bend a few ears about what they've hired.

You know, I AM off for three days off in a row next week  And I need to visit my grrrls at PTA Thrift North and hit up the tienda (I am out of chile lime garbanzo beans.  This cannot stand!)  It wouldn't kill me to pop in and see how BB is doing.  Former Coworker said he's falling apart.

I hate being soft-hearted sometimes.

Oh, and about the three days off thing?  They have BORKED my schedule due to people going on vacation, so I am doing the dreaded close/open, three days off, lather, rinse, repeat deal.  It's great for my hours (I'm slowly creeping up on full time.  Woo-hoo!), but my circadian rhythms are hosed.  Kent's been moved to 8-4:30, and we're not sure that's going to work, since the first cook has to be done by 10am.

We need to hire someone who knows how to make a schedule.  If you want 72 salads in the case by noon, having someone come in at 10:30 to do it is unrealisic, to say the least.  At full speed, I can do 30-42 in 90 minutes, and that's ONLY if I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off finding ingredients and/or plasticwear.  Or slice meats and cheese (because getting on the slicer is just ASKING for a customer to come up and want 12 different things sliced 15 different ways in minute increments.  And you can't say no.  Also, because Kent works deli and I'd hear about it at home, I always properly re-wrap stuff.  And wipe down the slicer).  And raid produce for spring mix, because no one ever remembers to order it and HALF of our salads call for it (oh, and fill out the transfer log, which is apparently something only I do.  On the up side, the fact that I do has made me Produce Joe's pet, so I get slipped the occasional overripe peach or slightly bruised apricot.  On the days when I don't have time to take a break, that saves my life).  Blergh.

WHY am I stressing myself writing about this on my day off?  Of course, one might also ask why I am binge watching the first season of Best British Home Cook on my day off.  I clearly need a hobby that is not food related.

Which means I need to find that g hook and finish that shawl that has been in limbo since February.  Good thing it's just for me.

Hopefully, soon I'll be obsessing over my little herb plants.  I have a tomato that is doing reasonably well (read:  I've kept it alive for a month), and we have those "grow kitchen herbs" kits on sale for half price at work.  That's going to be my birthday gift from me to me.  I've been really feeling the need to grow things lately.


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