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June 25th, 2019

Had to explain to a co-irker that touching a cook's knife is like touching a witch's tarot deck:  do it without permission, and bad things might happen.

Seriously, who grabs someone's knife (that they have made clear that they have brought from home, because the general use knives are utter shite.  You can't stab anyone, but you might leave one hell of a bruise) when it is on their station?  And then go to break down boxes with it?!?!?!?!?!?

(I stopped her before she got to the pile of corrugated carcasses.  I even loaned her my box cutter and didn't stab her with it.  I deserve a cookie)

Gah.  It was kind of funny to see the slow dawning on her face as she realized that I wear a pentacle around my neck instead of a Star of David, though.  (This has happened to me so many times over the years.  Learn to count, people!)

Speaking of knives.....OMG, y'all.  A friend of mine from HS asked for my snail mail because she found something that made her think of me.  I figured it was something Wonder Woman related that she found at a flea market (seriously, we have the BEST flea markets in my hometown).

I came home to this:  https://chefsvisionknives.com/products/cosmos

I am beyond floored.  When I told her it was too much and she didn't need to do that, her response was "Yeah.  I've got money now.  And who permanently borrowed a dress from Theatre Bristol's costume closet and altered it when mama drank my prom dress money? You deserve it, sweet pea."

And these are NOT going to work with me.  First of all, they're ceramic and not up to all the stuff I have to do.  And if someone so much as breathed on them, I would stab them....with the crappy knives we have for general use, because I would not sully a gift blade with the blood of the gormless twits I work with.


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