July 15th, 2019

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Oh, gods, today is gonna suuuuuuuck.

We have no food for the deli case.  Zip, zilch, zero....aside from a metric ass ton of pesto farfalle pasta salad with pistachios which, yes, is as unappetizing as it sounds.

Why the food shortage, you ask?  Because the deli manager made a bet with our GM that she could go a week without ordering anything but chicken.

The stupidity.  IT BURNS!  I wish they would just fuck in dry storage and get it over with.  Quit playing your cute little games that end up screwing us, too.

I told the MOD last night that I am just going to start making random salads out of stuff I raid from produce and ringing everything up as coleslaw.  He seemed strangely okay with that, especially after Kent told him about the bet (he was appalled).

We don't get a truck until TOMORROW. Yeesh.  And, lucky for me, I am off, so I don't have to unload the sonofabitch. (Kent's off, too, so we're going to brave the heat for a date day walk through town.  I've been craving lunch at Ms. Mong's, and Kent wants to hit the tienda because we're almost out of dried chiles for his signature spice blend)

I close tonight, which promises to be...problematic.  My co-closer (is that even a word?) is 4 months pregnant.  I understand pregnancy is hard (I was in grad school and working 3 jobs with Liam so, believe me, I know), but she's calling out more then she's showing up.  And even when she IS there, she spends most of her time in the bathroom or on her phone.  *sigh*

On the up side, Bakery Joe is closing, so I can parlay a quart of homemade soup (I made some amazing green chile pork and bean soup) and maybe a beer into a ride home.  :)