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August 19th, 2019

Aug. 19th, 2019

Kent and I get to close together 4 nights out of five this week.  And it looks like this is going to become A Thing.  Woo-hoo!

It was fucking hilarious to watch Manager Picky Pants grow visibly more frustrated as the night wore on, because he couldn't find any projects for us.   We were two steps ahead of him all night long.  :)

Thing is, we are very professional.  A couple of our co-irkers were surprised that we're married, and a few more thought we are besties from back in the day (which is true in a way) and a couple thought we're either cousins or siblings.  *cringe*  When we're at work, we WORK,  And we work as a team.  Heck, we don't even take our breaks together.

I'm still looking for a different job, but I am content to stay put for a while if this new schedule sticks.  As it stands, we'll have one day off a week together, and one day to ourselves, which is my gold standard for schedules.

And, the nights we close together, we've decided that HE will dismantle and clean the rotisserie and combi ovens, and I will field the soccer moms and people who don't understand that all of the food in the cold case is actually, well, cold (yes, Virginia, even the cabbage rolls.  And the meatloaf.  Chicken breasts?  Yep, them too) and slice meats and cheeses in 1/4 lb portions until my eyes go crossed.  Because trying to give good customer service when you're annoyed at being interrupted and covered in chicken grease likely isn't happening.

So, all in all, this looks like a positive change.


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