September 6th, 2019


it's that time of year again

LJI and Fantasy Footnall.  The spousebeast is off in the mountains outside of Asheville with 11 other guys who behave like they're 15 for the next 4 days.  (And guess who is covering his shifts?  I cry foul!  Work really DOES consider us interchangeable).  I've already gotten the annual "okay, I love you and miss you andd to what the hell did you change your laptop password to THIS year?" call.  Heee....

Look, if you are borrowing my laptop and leaving me your crappy desktop, I WILL come up with something incredibly embarrassing requiring numbers and special symbols that is so comvoluted you will HAVE to write it down.  And repeat it back while your friends hoot and holler.

Of course, they all love me right now (well, save one), because they got bags of penis shaped sugar cookies.  Hey, they're the ones who always taunt each other with "eat a bag of dicks."  I just decided to request a day off earlier this week to make individual bags of customized dicks.

The cookie cutters came in three sizes.  So I may or may not have given TinFoil Hat Boy the small ones.  And I may or may not have made them

Dude's been fucking with me for over a decade.  I got my revenge.  (Oh, and I frosted the balls Tarheel blue.  He's a Duke fan)  If I feel sufficiently wronged by you, let it be known....payback is coming.  You're just not gonna know when.

The pigtails, dimples, and generally sweet demeanor sure do fool a fuckton of people.

And. speaking of, time to go try to do my job AND Kent's with Slowmoving Mansplaining Mammal.  I've got three days of this.  Color me thrilled.