September 15th, 2019


Socks! Socks, socks, socks!

Walgreens has cute socks for $1 a pair!  I've got witchy-poo orange and black stripey socks, socks with very Bowie-esque lightning bolts, and...wait for it...socks with foxes!  Whee!

And I found out when I checked out (yes, I made another run for the cheapest toilet paper in town and magically spent $30.  Damned school supplies and socks and their seductive ways!) that I have $5 in rewards credits.  Guess where I'm going before work tomorrow? :)

In my defense, I am culling my worn out socks (standing/walking 8+ hours a day means I am ROUGH on socks and shoes).  There are still lots of salvageable parts, so I'm going to make moster sock dolls.  A friend of mine who makes the most jaw-dropping tie-dyes and I are talking about splitting the cost of getting a table at a couple of craft shows this holiday season, and I think these would go really well with her tie dyes and my crochet.  Maybe we could make a few bucks.  If not, we'd at least get a chance to hang out, which is hard to do with our respective schedules. to the deli mines.  Whee.)