November 13th, 2019


life in a nutshell

Or bullet points.  Or whatever.  Possibly just rambling..

*  The spousebeast's mom died Sunday.  We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier.

His sister called at work.  At least she had the presence of mind to ask for me.  Kent and I had agreed that, when the call came, if one of us was at work, we'd wait until they got home.  Unfortunately, we forgot to give our relatives the memo..

However, we were both working that day, so it might have been the best possible way to get the news.  We weren't alone.  When Tiny Little Tyrant said I had a phone call (I almost NEVER get personal calls at work, and the only person who does was standing in the seafood department), she saw the look on my face and went to get Kent.

"Alicia just got a phone call.  I think it's bad news."  And he knew.  News went around quickly, and he and I were surrounded by support.  We were given a ride home, with promises of covering any shifts necessary.

The cruel irony is that we were doing.  It was Taste of the Season, which is a sampling event for our Thanksgiving dinners.  Thanksgiving was a high holy day for Rosemarie, because Kent was born on Thanksgiving.

At least it was peaceful.  And my sister in law and neice were there.  And my SiL's dogs, which is fitting, because Rosemaries loved all animals, but especially dogs.

Apparently, she was cuddled under the afghan I made her for Christmas seven or eight years ago.  And the shwl I sent her this summer was on her chair.  I had planned on saving it for Christmas.  I'm so glad I didn't.

Kent's handling it as well as one would expect, but I have had to explain to him more than once that taking 2 days off after his mom died does not make him weak.  Hell, I've gotten the side-eye from a couple of people because *I* didn't take time off (newsflash:  I'm part time.  I don't think I even GET bereavement leave, and we can't afford for me to lose two days).  Tiny Little Tyrant *did* move me to production Monday night so I could be by myself, make salads and wraps, and not deal with people.  She also cut me early, which was her way of being nice.

There's not going to be a formal service, but SiL, and her dad (MiL's second husband, and the only person the recognized until the bitter end.  She was married 4 times, and I guess that tells you all you need to know, huh?)) are meeting up with us for a memorial lunch on Friday.  Kent and I will have a private...thingy...when we recieve her ashes.  We'll probably  invite his first wife and her family, and his BFF...who, oddly enough, is spending the next two weeks in Charlotte after retiring to Rio this past summer.

This has been a season of so many changes.

And speaking of changes, guess who has a second job?  I applied on a whim, did an impromptu phone interview...and had a job title, start date, and onboarding paperwork within 48 hours.

(May I just say I miss the old days when you filled this shit out in person and didn't have to scan in the stuff for your I-9 and direct deposit?)

I'm back in the kitchen, y'all!  Ah, food I love thee!   And bar I love thee even more!  The really cool thing is that the franchise owner grew up a stone's throw away from where I grew up.

I am so excited!

That said, I need to get moving and get ready to head in.  Thank the gods I'm off tomorrow.  There is an LJI post that needs to be written.