November 19th, 2019



Survived to write another week in LJI.  I wish I'd gotten to put up the first piece that I wrote, but my computer ate it THEN regurgitated it.  I think Priscilla, Queen of the Laptops is objecting to being used to feed Kent's Hearthstone addiction since Methuseleh the Desktop decided he didn't like the latest patch.

Hold on, Priss.  His new machine shows up tomorrow.  The timing is great.  Ta-dah!  It's a birthday present!  (I also got him a rainbow mug from our local indie book store, a button that says "Trump is why I drink," and a card with a couple of coupons I wrote out and, no, I am not sharing what they are for).

The biggest challenge in this week's LJI prompt is not writing about co-irkers.  Or exes.  Or relatives.  Or exes of relatives.

Given the fact that I'm already out of byes by week 7, maybe I should write why my Muse has been feckless.

(And I just screwed myself, didn't I?)

Tiny Little Tyrant is being human-ish again, and moved me to opening shift on Saturday, so we only have to take one cab in, can get the bus home, and start the birthday festivities early (his birthday is Sunday, and we're both off that day).  She's even put me back in production with one of my work besties.  We work well together, but we also have fun...which tends to annoy Big Big Boss.  Sorry, but if I'm banging out 48 pizzas while she's got 60 sandwiches working, what does it matter if we're talking in silly voices and singing show tunes while we do it?

(Unsurprisingly, I've encountered this bullshit WAAAAY too often.  I was working with an all male crew yesterday and they were ON THE FLOOR, standing around and talking about their new kicks and Black Friday shopping while I was handling customers by myself, and no one said a word.  But be singing "Food, Glorious Food" in a tiny refrigerated soundproof room...WHILE YOU ARE WORKING..well, that's just goofing off)